Palacios Parade of Birds

Saturday, February 16th - 10:00 am
1st Street at South Bay Blvd proceeding to the Luther Hotel Lawn

Come to Palacios to see this one-of-a-kind parade focusing on birds, birds and more birds!

Matagorda Bay Birdfest is one on the only bird festivals with a bird parade…for 3 years in a row! Last year Vancouver held a bird parade and festival in conjunction with the International Ornithological Congress:

We encourage participation by individuals & groups!

This year there is a
$500 prize
for best entry.
Click to register!

Need some Ideas?

• Block printing with a carved potato onto a t-shirt, old sheet, or rip stop nylon cape
• Turn a pillowcase into bird wings, try magazine feathers!
• Change an old baseball cap or bike helmet into a bird’s head using paper mache
• Check the Vancouver Facebook page for ideas: birds on parade
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